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To the backside of the buttocks and without surgery

oblikovanje zadnjice

The desire for a raised butt is more pronounced in women when they cross the thirties, so there is often discontent when training a jeans or a narrow dress, so that a straight and relaxed butt is coming to the fore. In thin women, sometimes silicone dentures are not the ideal solution, because the gluteal muscle is small, so there is a risk of napping or even seeing the edge of the prosthesis after a while. In such persons who do not have enough fat and a small gluteal muscle, the application of Aquafiling gel is ideal, because the result is immediately visible, so it is not necessary to wait for the period of resorption when the tissue transplant is performed, where the actual result is visible a few months after the intervention. In thin women there is usually no where to get enough amount of fat needed for magnification of the buttocks, so for them the ideal application of Aquafiling gel. When enlarging the Aquafiling gel, you do not wait for the period of acceptance of the material, but you can only repeat the procedure in a few months if you want an even better result.

Correction of sheet asymmetry

korekcija listova

Another successful Aquafilling workshop and satisfied with patients by correcting the asphyxia of the leaves Aquafilling gel.

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