G spot amplification with hyaluron

G tacka

The “G-spot” is a small, pea-grain size, mass of spongy erectile nervous tissue. It is located next to the urethra, composed of glandular tissue and blood vessels. In some women it undeniably has the function of an erogenous zone. The G-spot is located between the pubic bone and the front of the cervix, about five - six centimeters from the vaginal opening, on the front wall of the vagina (Figure 1). By injecting the hyaluronic filer into the tissue surrounding the G-spot, the very G-spot is amplified, thus increasing woman’s pleasure during sexual intercourse. The duration of the effects of G-spot amplification with filler depends on the filler type. The effects usually last about a year, when the procedure may be repeated. It takes about 10 minutes to perform this procedure under local anesthesia without causing any pain.

This procedure is not a result of a whim. It is not a luxury, since a large number of women experience difficulties of loose vagina due to multiple labours and reduced sexual pleasure during an intercourse. There are problems that cannot be solved by applying other methods. G-spot therapy with fillers is a harmless and beneficial treatment

G spot amplification with hyaluron (1 ml of filler) - 300
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