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Housting by Dr. Vesna Rakić on emission Life Plus on TV Studio B.. (Source: TV Studio B)

Treatments of embellishment under the magnifier, stricter rules are introduced...
(Source: RTS1 Television)

Breast Cancer - Breast Reconstruction... (Source: RTS1 Television)

Vaginoplasty - narrowing the vagina... (Source: Television Studio B, Biljana's broadcast for you)

Breast cancer is curable if it is detected in time... (Izvor: RTS1 televizija)


Women who have achieved success by their own work... (Source: PINK 3 television)

Perfect skin, liposuction, breast and buttocks... (Source: OUR TV)

Lip enlargement, Lip enlargement, Lip surgery (Source: RTS1 television)

Breast augmentation, Breast enlargement, Breast surgery (Source: N1 Television)

Graduated hair, sinus pilonidalis (Source: Studio B) - with Subtitle

Autotransplantation, salvation for chronic wounds (Source:

Good morning (Source: TV Pink)

tv pink - video

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Ordinacija Plastic surgery practice
Radno Vreme Business hours: 11h a.m. – 19h p.m.
Google maps 10/2 Ustanicka Street, Belgrade, Serbia
Telefon Telephone: +381 11 2432 762
Zakazivanje Making appointments: +381 11 2432 762 (every weekday after 11h a.m.)
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