Dr Sc. Med. Vesna Rakić

Vesna RakicSpecialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

She was born in Belgrade,in 1965. She finished the School of Medicine in Belgrade as well as the specialization in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She also defended the Master's thesis in 2010 in the field of Neurosurgery, on the following topic: Basal cell carcinoma of the scalp, Stage Pt4.

In April 2017, she defended her doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. The doctoral thesis is in the field of forensic medicine and it reads as ​​follows: "Model of medico-legal classification of disfigurement due to surgery, trauma, disease and medical intervention"

A member of the Serbian Association of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rakic has been employed with the Clinical Center of Serbia since 2001. So far, she has performed various surgical procedures in the field of aesthetic surgery, including the following: nose surgery, eyelid surgery, earlobe surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty. She has performed more than 5,000 tumor removal procedures under local anesthesia (BCC, SCC) and about 1200 surgical procedures under general anesthesia in the field of breast reconstruction, melanoma surgery, pilonidal sinus surgery, skin ulcer surgery, scar, contractures and pressure ulcer surgery. In terms of burns, she has performed a large number of procedures such as: necrotomy, tangential excision, autotransplantation and homotransplantation, with daily treatment and monitoring of patients with the most difficult conditions in the Burns Intensive Care Unit. Duringyears of practice, she has performed 10000 examinations at outpatient clinics and about 1000 dermoscopic examinations.


  • 2004 -Professional training in Switzerland in the field of burns, plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Clinical Centre in Zurich for a period of two months, mentor Prof. Victor Meyer. One month of professional training at a private clinic for aesthetic surgery in Aarau, mentor DrJurgShifman, and at the largest clinic for aesthetic surgery Laclinic, Montreux, Dr Michel Pfulg
  • 2007 – School of Microsurgery, MihailJonac, Apatin
  • 2009 – Christmas dermoscopy seminar, Serbian Dermoscopy Association (SDA).
  • 2010 – Advanced course in dermoscopy - Serbian Dermoscopy Association (SDA).
  • 2011 – Professional training in the field of burns, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Military Hospital and George GannimatesHospital in Athens and the Artion Center of Plastic Surgery, mentor Prof.ApostolosMandrekas.
  • 20138th BAPRAS Congress, IPRAS Academy for Aesthetic Surgery Training “The art of the face”, Budva, Montenegro.
  • 2014 - Promoitalia Workshop. Theoretical and practical training on platinum collection, peel collection, tray life (PRP), skin fill, meso cogs. Belgrade,24.-25.05.2014.
  • 2014 - Aquafilling Induction Training and practical course, Aquafilling Injection Techniques in Body Plastic Surgery, Belgrade,14.06.2014.
  • 2016 - Bremen Germany May 11-13 2016 26th Conference of the European Wound Management Association and 10th Deutscher Wundkongress
  • 2016 - ISAPS Dubai Course 16-17.11.2016 and 2nd Emirates Plastic Surgery Congres 18-19.11.2016
  • 2017 - Amsterdam Netherlands May 3-5 2017 27th Conference of the European Wound Management Association
  • 2017 - Belgrade, Serbia, 18th-21th May 2017 "Three in one" Balkan Congress of Plastic Surgeons
  • 2018. Belgrade, Serbia, April 15, 2018. Participation in education under the auspices of Allergan, Hilton hotel.
  • 2018. Instanbul, Turkey, 21-24. June 2018. Participation at the 10th International Eurasian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Course Congress organized by ISAPS.


You can access the publications indexed in Current Contents (CC) or Science Citation Index (SCI) here.


  • 2005, Moscow – Congress of surgical oncologists, The results of reconstructive breast surgery 1997-2005 in the Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, DrOliveraKosovac. Centre for Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the CCS V. Rakic.
  • May, 2007, Turkey, ISAPS Mini Course, Clinical and pathological characteristics of melanoma, in the period 1998 – 2006, at the Centre for Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Belgrade; Ass.dr.M.Filipovic, dr N. Sulovic-Dzelatovic,dr.V. S.Rakic, dr.B.Certic, dr.M.Stozinic
  • 2010, World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Engineering, Belgrade.
  • 2012, I Congress on wound treatment with international participants. Vesna S. Rakic, 1. Complicated chronic wounds in intravenous drug users: Vesna S. Rakic.
  • 2012, TEN YEARS EXPERIENCE: Combined treatment of pressure ulcers the inevitable pathway, Goran Lazovic1, Milan Stojicic1, Vesna Rakic1, Clinical Centre of serbia (Belgrade, Serbia) EWMA Conference
  • 2013, Modern approach to wound and scar treatment. Serbian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
  • 2013, Modern attitudes and materials in reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery. Serbian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
  • 2013, The importance of algorithms in clinical practice of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Serbian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
  • 2013, III Workshop of Aesthetic Breast Surgery-Mentor, Belgrade.
  • 2013, Ten years' experience:combined treatment of pressure ulcers the inevitable pathway, Lazovic G., Stojicic M., Rakic V., Petrovic-Popovic D., 8thBAPRAS Congress, Budva, Montenegro.
  • 2014, Implementation of innovative products in the field of aesthetic surgery, Silhouette Soft; Puregraft System, 250thSRBPRAS Expert Meeting, Belgrade, 14.10.2014.
  • 2014, Scientific Symposium on Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, participant 18.-19.09.2014.
  • 2014, II Congress on Chronic Wound Treatment, Belgrade, 24.-25.10.2014; Minimum surgery for maximum age; Vesna Rakic CC of Serbia; Modern compresses  and VAC therapy in chronic wounds treatment at home; Vesna Rakic, Goran Lazovic, Dragana Petrovic Popovic, CC of Serbia; Pilonidal sinus as a chronic wound, Vesna Rakic, CC of Serbia.
  • 2016, Belgrade,Serbia, 9 th April 2016, Facial Wrincle treatment and Volume Conturing with a new generation of hyaluronic acid filler - Hyabell​+Lidocain​
  • 2016, Belgrade,Serbia, 16th April 2016,Accredited program: Aquafiler filer latest generation - the technique applied in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.
  • 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria, 22.-24.04.2016  EACCME Third National Conference on innovations in the Plastic,Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2016, Belgrade,Serbia 23th October 2016, Vistabel facial Workshop, Medical institute Allergan​
  • 2017, Silver Lake,Serbia 9th-10th june 2017 School for treatment wounds

Interests: Psychology and Medical Ethics.

2005 - Published a book “Fibiralcija duse” (Soul fibrillation) - true stories from practice.
2017 - Published a book “Fibiralcija duse” (Soul fibrillation) second edition - true stories from practice. Publisher IP Signature Beograd
2018 - Published a book “Ekspertiza naruženja” - Belgrade skale of estetic failure. Publisher IP Signature Beograd

Personal characteristics: Dr. Rakic believes that it is a privilege to have a job that you love.She pays a great deal of attention to details important for achieving success in the field of surgery. She nourishes team work and good relationships with her colleagues. She appreciates her tutors and is dedicated to her family and friends.

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