ADRN Aleksandra Ćosić Opačić – instrument nurse

Aleksandra Ćosić Opačić

Acssociate degree registered Nurse Aleksandra Opačić, was born in 1970 in Belgrade. She finished Medical College of Applied Studies in Cuprija. She was employed with the Institute for Gynecology and Obstetrics within the Clinical Center of Serbia in the period 1991 -2003 after which she transferred to the Clinic for burns, plastic and reconstructive surgery where she worked in the period 2003-2009. Since 2009 she has been employed as a head nurse at the department for adult health care at the Community Health Center Vracar.
During many years of practice she has performed most demanding tasks falling within the scope of work of a registered nurse, such as the following: administration of intravenous, intramuscular and oral therapy and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. As a registered nurse working in the operating theatre she participated as an instrument nurse in various plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgical interventions on children and adults. As a head nurse in the Community Health Center she has been in charge of the primary health care organization. During all years of service she has actively participated in educating younger colleagues. Since July, 2018, she has been employed with the plastic surgery practice "RAKIĆ ESTETIC" as an instrument nurse.
As a person, Aleksandra is very cheerful, pleasant, gentle with patients, nice with colleagues ad associates. As a member of the surgical team, she is considered to be a reliable and qualified assistant.

Professional development:

  • Zlatibor 2009, Meet-up of health workers held in May, Instumentation nurses and registered nurses working on sterilization - lecturer.
  • Zrenjanin 2008, The first winter symposium of national councils of southeastern and eastern Europe for resuscitation and trauma.
  • Subotica 2008, Educational gathering within the Association of Health Workers of Serbia
  • Krusevac 2008, Association of Health Workers of Serbia, Instrumentation nurses department: «The role of an instrumentation nurse within the operating ward« the Course is accredited by Serbian Health Council.
  • Zlatibor 2010, Registered Nurse Congress: »Significance of a nurse in periodical and previous medical examination«, accredited by Serbian Health Council.

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