Breast reconstruction

Rekonstrukcija dojke


Primary breast reconstruction

Primary breast reconstruction is recommended to patients diagnosed with breast cancer in early stages. The advantage of this procedure lies in the fact that it allows the tumor removal and immediate breast reconstruction during the same procedure. In this way, a woman does not experience a feeling of loss, the fear of the disease is less striking and the very treatment is easier to accept. Of course, when a woman finds out that she has a tumor, fear, anxiety and uncertainty become overwhelming feelings. At that point, the woman should be strong and focused enough to seek as much information on breast reconstruction options as possible. At those difficult times, a plastic surgeon can provide the most accurate and detailed pieces of information about breast reconstruction. Primary reconstruction has a significant impact on the quality of life. It improves the psychosocial status of the patient, restores her sense of femininity and improves her relationship with the partner.

There are several methods used to perform primary breast reconstruction. The selection of the most adequate method depends on the nature of the tumor, physical constitution, skin quality as well as the shape of the other breast. The most commonly applied method includes silicone implant placement under the large pectoral muscle. Sometimes the correction of the other breast might be required as well in order to achieve symmetry.

Recommendation: Even at the most difficult times, when you find out that you are suffering from cancer, do not lose heart, do not lose hope and think about simultaneous breast reconstruction.

Preventive mastectomy

The fact that a female family member was suffering from breast cancer and positive BRCA test results indicate that a woman is a candidate for preventive mastectomy. BRCA test is easy to perform. It requires performing blood analysis in a laboratory able to perform genetic tests. These tests are performed in Belgrade, by the laboratory “Konzilijum”. According to scientific research, people with a positive BRCA test, are later diagnosed with cancer in 50-90% of cases. If a preventive surgery is planned and scheduled on time, the breast reconstruction procedure gives nice results.

Recommendation: If you are a high risk patient (cancer diagnosed in the family), and if you can afford it – perform a BRCA test.

Secondary breast reconstruction

This procedure is performed in women whose breast was removed, who completed oncological treatment and whose disease is not progressing. The breast reconstruction is performed using patient’s own tissue. The wide dorsal muscle or the straight abdominal muscle are most commonly used for these procedures. Depending on the physical constitution, skin quality and the shape of the other breast, a method with or without silicone implants is recommended to the patient.

Recommendation: Although many years have passed, although you are tired of surgical procedures and treatments, although you think you have become accustomed to not having a breast - do not give up, do not throw away your chance to have your breast again. Opt for secondary breast reconstruction.

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