Ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenail


Visit your doctor before a surgical intervention becomes the only possible solution.

Ingrown toenail (unguis incarnates) is an acquired deformity of the nail where the nail edge cuts into the soft tissue of a finger. It is most common in the great toe on one or both sides. Patients experience pain and walking difficulties. During an examination, the doctor may notice swelling, redness, granulation and generation of pus.

At the very beginning, when you feel initial symptoms, meticulous pedicure can help deal with the problem. Proper nail clipping is also of great importance. However, if the nail cuts deeply into the tissue and if the chronic inflammation occurs – surgery is the only possible solution.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and it takes about ten minutes. It includes surgical removal of the infected granulation tissue and the ingrown part of the nail. On that occasion, a narrow part of the nail root needs to be removed as well, in order to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

Postoperative course lasts two to three days, during which resting is advised. Sutures are removed seven to ten days after the procedure, after which the patient may feel mild pain and have mild redness. Three weeks after the procedure patients may resume long walks or exercising.

Prevention: If you feel pain along the edge of the nail, if you experience swelling and redness, seek medical advice. Solving the problem on time is the best solution, since in such a manner the surgical intervention may be avoided. If you postpone your visit to the doctor’s, if you have occasional difficulties - chronic inflammation may occur, requiring frequent administration of antibiotics and frequent absence from work. Make an appointment with your doctor before a surgical intervention becomes the only possible solution.

Unilateral nail removal – 170
Bilateral nail removal – 340
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