Breast reduction and breast lift

Podizanje grudi Motiva implanti
Breast development ends at the age of eighteen. During this period, the breasts are ample, perky and tight. During adulthood, a woman goes through different stages: pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or weight gain. Lower hormonal activity occurs with aging. Therefore, the breasts, as mammary glands, lose their weight, the amount of glandular tissue is reducing and due to the impact of their weight (gravity) breast skin becomes stretched and loose.

Breast reduction and breast lift
There are several surgical procedures that can help regain a youthful appearance of sagging breasts. The selection of an adequate procedure depends mostly on the structure of the breasts which is most changed. If the volume and quality of the breast tissue is satisfactory and if the excess of skin is the only problem, we recommend the removal of skin excess (suspensio) under local anesthesia. Such a surgical intervention is simple, since the patient may go home immediately after the procedure.  There is no pain and recovery is quick. If the patient has the excess of skin and the excess of breast volume, it is necessary to perform a breast reduction (reductio). If the breast tissue is withered, but the breast skin retained its elasticity, breast augmentation (augmentatio) by implant placement under the pectoral muscle is highly recommended. If the breasts suffered significant changes, breast volume is significantly reduced and the amount of skin increased - it is necessary to perform a combination of several above mentioned procedures. These surgical interventions also differ in the position of the cut.

We use Motiva silicon breast implants that do not contain polyurethane coathing.

After the examination, a plastic surgeon will inform you on the plan of surgical intervention, the expected appearance of breasts and possible complications. At that point, it is of crucial importance for you to inform your surgeon on your expectations, as well as on your general health.

Breast reduction and breast lift

Breast surgery is performed mostly under general anesthesia. The patient can leave the hospital 24-48 hours after the intervention. The pain is mild and can be alleviated by painkillers. The patient may return to her everyday obligations after 7 days. Intensive physical effort is permitted only after a month.

Good assessment of a surgeon is of crucial importance

There are several models of performing aesthetic breast surgery. The aim is to achieve a good shape, sufficient volume, optimum firmness and good symmetry. All these requirements can sometimes be achieved by one of the listed interventions and sometimes this can be achieved by performing a combination of several procedures. A good assessment of the appointed surgeon is of crucial importance. Numerous complications that may result from an operation that was not well performed are already described. If the breast volume is sufficient but there is the excess of skin, it would be wrong to correct the appearance of the breasts just by inserting silicone implants.

Breast lift with implants - 3500
Breast lift without implants in local anesthesia - 1500
Breast reduction - 3500

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