Nose surgery (Rhynoplasty)

 Nose surgery (Rhynoplasty)


Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery. Its aim is to correct the shape and size of the nose and enhance the respiration.

The nose has a central position on the face. It has an important role and a very complex structure. As an organ, it deserves special attention and detailed preparations. The most important part of preoperative preparation is the very consultation with a surgeon.  During the preliminary examination, you should clearly describe all difficulties you have, express all observations regarding the appearance of the nose, and state your expectations regarding the procedure, i.e. define what kind of nose you would like to have. Even the tiniest details can be of great value.

Based on the examination and the consultation, your surgeon will prepare a plan of the procedure. If required, the correction of deviated nasal septum, hypertrophy of nasal shells, polyp removal etc. could be performed together with the aesthetic nose surgery.

Anesthesia: The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia depending on the extent of the procedure. Accordingly, the preoperative preparation (blood analysis, lung scan, a cardiologist examination) should be conducted.

After the procedure the patient might sense mild pain that usually does not require pain killers. Tampons are removed after three days if the aesthetic nose surgery is done. Tampons are removed after seven days in case of septum surgery. During these periods the patient is required to rest. The patient may resume all activities after two weeks. You should not blow your nose during the first month after the procedure. Running, swimming and other recreational activities are recommended after three weeks.

Difference between primary and secondary rhinoplasty

If the rhinoplasty is performed for the first time, it is referred to as a primary rhinoplasty. If the nose has been operated on one or more times - this procedure is referred to as is a secondary rhinoplasty. The difference between these procedures is significant because the nasal tissues are soft, sensitive and prone to inner scars. If a patient undergoes several surgical procedures, the tendency towards inner scarring increases. Some patient may develop solid scarring which can cause nasal deformation and asymmetry. Therefore, the first rhinoplasty should be well prepared in order to avoid any additional procedures. However, if the second procedure is required, an appropriate plan should be made in order to achieve the best possible result with the least tissue trauma. It should be noted that smaller-scale deformities can be corrected by inserting fat or fillers under local anesthesia after which patients can immediately resume their everyday activities.

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Nasal ridge surgery – 1500
Nose surgery / septorhinoplasty / - 2200
Secondary septorhinoplasty - 2500
Note: Prices are in Euros.
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