Chin correction

Chin correctionChin correction


The jaws may be in perfect plane, the so-called occlusion. However, the condition, known as prognathia occurs when the upper jaw protrudes forward, whereas the condition, known as progenia occurs when the lower jaw protrudes forward. Therefore, three types of profiles are currently known: convex, concave and normal-level profile (Figure 1).

In the past these deviations were considered to be anomalies that had to be corrected with an orthodontic treatment. Recently, they have been observed as normal variations unless they are accompanied by some other anomaly. If the problem is noticeable, it also represents an aesthetic problem. Jaw correction can be performed by surgical jaw reduction. Such a surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia. During the postoperative course it is important to follow the recommendations of the doctor in terms of nutrition and resting.

Retracted chin can simply be corrected by inserting a silicone implant. Due to possible implant displacements, we recommend chin augmentation with fillers. This procedure gives good results that last up to two years. The retracted chin is often accompanied by the appearance of a large jowl. Therefore, performing a jowl liposuction, or administering lipolytic injections or mesotherapy in such a case is highly recommended.

Chin augmentation with 1ml of filler – 300
Chin augmentation /+ silicone/ - 1000
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