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Liposuction is one of the most popular methods for quick body sculpting. It can be performed on almost every body part. However, the amount of fat which can be removed during one procedure is limited (approximately 5 kg). Liposuction is the method of choice for body parts in which fat deposits can hardly be reduced, in spite of persistent diet and exercise (upper arms, back, hips, buttocks, thighs and lower legs). In addition, only liposuction can give a slim appearance to some smaller, limited regions of the human body, such as knees and ankles.

The intervention is performed through small incisions (about 2mm) through which thin cannulas are placed under the skin into the lamellar layer of adipose tissue. Cannulas permanently destroy the membrane of fat cells so that fat can be drained, after which fat cells wither.

If this intervention is performed on smaller regions of the body (hips, knees, etc.), the operation is performed under local tumescent anesthesia, which is very comfortable for the patient, there is no pain and the patient may be released from the hospital just a few hours after the operation. Liposuction performed on some major regions of the body requires the application of general anesthesia. Immediately after the intervention the patient is required to put on a corset which prevents swelling and reduces bruising. The patient can be released from the hospital after two or three days. Taking sufficient amounts of fluids and going for walks is of great importance during the course of recovery.

The result is immediately noticeable and permanent. Adipose tissue will not form fat pads on specific points again provided that the patient does not increase his/her body weight for more than 5kg.

Recommendation: Liposuction provides adipose tissue, which is very rich in stem cells and growth factors. During the same surgical procedure, a part of the removed adipose tissue can be used as a natural filler required for facial rejuvenation, wrinkle filling, lip augmentation, breast or buttock augmentation. Therefore, liposuction can be beneficial in two different ways.

Upper arm liposuction – 1500
Abdominal liposuction – 2500
Buttock liposuction – 2500
Thigh liposuction – 2500
Waist liposuction – 1500
Knee liposuction – 1000
Lower leg liposuction – 1500
Note: Prices are in Euros.
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