Dermabrasion or exfoliation

Dermabrasion or exfoliationDermabrasion or exfoliation

Aesthetic surgery and superior cosmetics were once affordable for rich people only. Nowadays, at the time of rapid progress in the field of medicine and pharmacology, when a lot of information is readily available to us, beautification procedures are available to many people. Beautification and rejuvenation was once reserved for elderly females. Nowadays, it represents an imperative for young people, both female and male.

Each aesthetic procedure requires certain amount of money, which is sometimes several times higher than our monthly income. They also require taking a leave of absence from work and postponing all other activities. Cosmetic procedures can give very good results and rejuvenate your face significantly without interfering with your daily and weekly plans. These procedures are painless, simple and affordable. They can be performed individually or in combination with medical procedures such as administration of Botox, using fillers, mesotherapy cocktails or laser therapy.

What kind of results does exfoliation achieve?

Exfoliation helps remove devitalized superficial layer of the skin, thus removing freckles, blemishes, fine lines, enlarged pores and scars. That superficial layer of the skin can be of different thicknesses, depending on the applied method and products. This procedure enables skin regeneration since it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The treated region of face or body becomes toned and rejuvenated.

Exfoliation or surgical intervention?

The main advantage of exfoliation lies in its simplicity and precision, as well as in the fact that it causes virtually no complications. When dermabrasion is concerned, certain discoloration (hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation) may occur, which usually disappears during the first month of recovery. However, in certain situations dermabrasion is the only possible solution. This specially refers to deep scars of different origin which affect the layers of both epidermis and dermis. Deep exfoliation may be performed with elderly persons or persons having any contraindication to the surgery. This procedure gives very good results, often as good as the facelift results. Exfoliation is a procedure which does not remove the excess skin (as with facelift). This is a method that removes the superficial layer of the skin thus making the skin toned and rejuvenated.

Facial exfoliation or dermabrasion?

Face is the region suitable for performing surgical procedures and exfoliation because the skin in this region has a remarkable thickness and is rich in adnexa. This gives the surgeon a good basis for work because all wounds heal quickly and scars are mild, often barely visible. Facial wounds do not leave scars, as the case may be with some other body parts, which is a natural gift we should use.

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